Cheers to the Weekend

Alcohol and Weight loss

Why can’t drinking be a regular part of our diet? Why does it effect weight loss? When try to drop fat and build muscle alcohol can be your worst enemy. Some may think the limited weekend drinking won’t hurt, but little do they know that one alcoholic beverage could effect the body’s fat burning metabolism for several hours after consumption. Depending on the amount of alcohol consumed our bodies may be effected for up to a day.

Alcohol is processed completely different from other macros. This is a quick source of energy and the body will utilize it first before burning any other calories. In return, it halts the regular fat burning metabolism and can lead to fat storage. Alcohol is classified as its own MACRO nutrient, but provides little to no benefits. (With the exception of red wine benefits, but we shall save that for a different post).

Alcohol is difficult for many to cut out of their diets due to the social stigma surrounding drinking. In society this is how we gather, celebrate and let loose. Unfortunately, this typically leads to mental impairment, increased appetite and easy persuasion of increased eating/drinking! One or two drinks will make it easy for anyone to forget about their diet! When becoming serious about your nutrition and exercise this is one thing that has to go!! But why you ask?

Alcohol is a Macro Nutrient?!

Did you know that this macro contains 7 calories per 1 gram of alcohol, which is more than our beloved carbs and/or protein. When drinking on the weekends those 3 extra calories per gram add up fast. Typically, when people drink it’s at social event and involves consuming other macros in the form of bar foods or late night munchies. So when most people drink its in addition to other carb and fat heavy foods.

Imaging this!

So, you have had 2 drinks… the body automatically switches over to an alcohol burning metabolism…. You then consume a burger and fries. So what happens to the burger and fries you just ate? Well, your body is busy burning the alcohol you just consumed, so technically the extra macros from the burger are not being metabolized properly and the body is preparing them for fat storage?! That doesn’t sound like a very effective method to help with fat loss now does it? This is what happens when you consume alcohol, we stop our fat burning metabolism. Not a pretty picture huh?

I am not saying you can not have a drink or two occasionally! Realistically I do not think people realize what happens after drinking. Why would you eat healthy every day of the week and give 100% effort every workout, only to binge drink and eat on the weekends. This will halt your efforts in the gym throughout the week and make progress impossible. An occasional social drink will not do this, it’s every weekend that truly effects the weight loss process.

Now if you absolutely have to drink, be mindful of what you put in the body. Try to go with lower sugar drinks such as clear liquors and diet sodas. Opt for a healthier dinner options and try to avoid the mindless munching of snacks. Being healthy and fit does not mean you have to abandon your social life, just keep the heavy partying to a minimum and be mindful. You still have to find balance in your life.

I get this question a lot about alcohol and weight loss. Many wonder why they can’t lose weight and drink every weekend… well now you know!


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