I am Break-able and I am Proud of it!

I would not be where I am today mentally or physically if I had not broken through many of my mental barriers surrounding health and fitness.  I came from a disordered mindset due to competing and I struggled for years after leaving the stage.

The only way I knew how to get lean was eating a “clean” and restrictive DIET (Yes it was a diet). I only thought I was healthy if I had a 6 pack.  I spent hours on social media comparing myself to other competitors and nit picking my body.  I thought my ‘stage” weight was ideal and anything above that was “Fat.”  I created a LONG list of Forbidden foods because I could not control myself due to the restrictive diet I was on.  AND lets not forget my frie

nd the scale- I am 5ft and thought I had to be in the 110’s to be fit?! I found myself weighing all day long- after meals, gym and before bed. I had NO love for myself and lacked confidence unless I was ripped!  HOW CRAZY is that?!

Can you see how all these expectation were affecting my ability to be healthy and happy?  I could not even begin to focus on my PROGRESS with nutrition and training because I was so STUCK in my path!  I had so many unrealistic expectation that I could not appreciate or see how my body was changing after the stage.  I had to be be BROKEN of these thoughts and notion

s in order to BREAK-free, BREAK-up and BREAK-out of my destructive patterns.

Years of competing was hard for me, just like years of dieting can be hard for so many other women.  The magazine covers, the fitness models, the fad diets, the empty promises from trainers, the judgement, the comparing, the scale holding too much value, the foods you “CANT” have and the constant outside input!  Can you see how all of these thoughts and factors could be causing you to fail? How they could be impeding your actual progress in leading healthier and happier life?  Do you every wonder why you fail nutrition program after program?  IT IS your MINDSET!

IT is TIME you take control and prove to yourself that you are BREAKABLE and you can shatter these mental barriers!

I Redefined my Breakable and I am stronger because of it!

Are you ready to become Breakable?

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