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When you sign-up with MacroMINI, I provide a comprehensive program that nourishes the mind and body!  I not only help you with the physical changes, but together we will transform your overall outlook on health and nutrition.  My programs are designed to help you achieve your goals while creating a sustainable lifestyle, so there is no need to hire a coach again! (Flawed business model?  Sure, maybe… but I want to break the coach dependency cycle).  You deserve to live a life free from yo-yo dieting and serial coaching!

I teach what you need to succeed.

12 week fitness or nutrition coaching: unlike any other.

I am here to set you up for success. My 12 week programs are entirely created and customized by yours truly. I am a Doctorate Prepared Nurse Practitioner with years of experience in digestive and hormone health. I have coached hundreds of clients with great physical, mental, and overall lifestyle changes. As a coach, I am on a mission to help others become healthier and happier versions of themselves, while still enjoying food as one of life’s simple pleasures. I do NOT promote dieting, but rather sustainable changes that will help you reach your goals.


Macro Mini Programs are now at your fingertips. The Macro Mini Application can be accessed via the phone or computer once you sign-up for your 12 week plan. My Programs allow you to view your workouts, nutrition plans, track measurements, upload pictures and easily access me, all from your phone. The Macro Mini Programs are customized to your individual needs, experience and nutritional preferences. No crash diets or cookie cutter plans! I am about creating a fun, healthy and balanced lifestyle.


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