Stand out from the crowd this year. Do not be part of the 80 percent who’s resolutions fail by February.

’tis the season for change. As we warm up to 2019, it’s the perfect opportunity to refocus priorities and commit to new goals. You may have set resolutions to become healthier, better your nutrition and/or commit to a higher level of fitness. While these are great goals, it’s important for you to make them specific, attainable and sustainable

Here are a few common mistakes we make when it comes to resolutions, thus leading to failure:

  1. Sharing vague goals
  2. Lacking a solid timeline
  3. Forgetting to outline your plan step by step

Creating sustainable goals may just be the most crucial step to your success. When setting resolutions, you must be realistic about the overall outcome and timeline. The No. 1 reason individuals never fulfill their goals is because of frustration when their expectations are not met.

I always like to remind my clients that change takes time. The habit you are looking to shift most likely took years to develop and will take more than days or even weeks to resolve or improve.

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