The Start

Well, it has begun! We took the first step in our IVF journey!  As ironic as it sounds I am on birth control! We have spent 2 years avoiding preventatives, only to find we need them? In all honesty, we are not thrilled about this step as I have never been able to tolerate birth control due to side effects. I tend to feel nauseas, tired, have a decreased appetite, acne and inevitably experience water retention. Needless to say I am 2 weeks into the pack and all those symptoms have come rushing back. 

Outside of those symptoms, it was also a personal choice not to take hormone altering medications in the past.  I have struggled with hormone imbalances before due to extreme fitness/nutrition while competing. Fortunately, it was possible to balance those naturally and without medications. I have since strived to keep my fertility intact and balanced without exogenous hormones.  With our given diagnosis, IVF is our only option for reproducing at this time.

We do find it ironic that this is our path, considering we are both healthy and active adults. We have taken care of ourselves and I specifically have avoided hormones to only find that I will soon be pumping my body full of them!! Funny how everything I have avoided is now our only choice! I would be lying if I said this journey was not a tough pill to swallow! There has been a slew of emotions as we work through all the steps. Do not get me wrong, WE are happy for this chance to have a baby, but it is never anyones first choice.

Why The Birth Control?

I am sure many wonder why the need for Birth Control? It is a commonly used method that quiets the ovaries and controls the female cycle. This allows the Dr. to better plan our stimulation and optimize the number of eggs we may retrieve. This first step  is necessary, which is why I oblige and swallow those orange pills every night for the next 21 days. As the days go on we are both eager to take the next step in our journey…. THE STIMULATION Process!!!

We have a medication class planned and I am still in debate if I will allow my hubby to administer those injections.  As a Nurse Practitioner I can give injections all day long, but when it comes to receiving them I am petrified!  I know! But I hate needles and it is even harder to trust the hubs to give them lol.  I am sure he will win the pleasure of doing so, as I do not think I have it in me to poke myself for 2 weeks!

How Am I Prepping?

As for what I am currently doing to prep myself…. I am continuing to lead a healthy lifestyle. No goals to drop weight/BF, no extreme workouts, no eat “whatever I want” or just forget the gym.  I am trying to stay active, nourish my body and eliminate any unnecessary drinking, caffeine and artificial sweeteners.  We are at a very healthy state and want to keep it that way. We have some fun trips planned and are keeping united as we go through this journey.  For the next 2 months we will continue to keep our mind and bodies a priority.  Entering into this next phase with healthy habits is important both mentally and physically!

Thank you for following along!  The next blog will be focus on the Diagnosis!