Dear Future MINI,

I am sure this will be the first of many letters little one. We have hoped and prayed for you. Together we have tried for 29 cycles with no success. The months are met with tears and disappointment, the sting of others asking has not faded and most of all, the anticipation is high. Without a doubt this is the hardest hurdle your Mom and Dad have encountered. But, do not worry, we have only grown stronger together in hopes we will meet you someday.

For 2 years we have practiced, tracked and tested , but this is the year we have decided to get a little more help.  2019 is the year we will begin our IVF Journey. A little science and lots of love will be our foundation. For the first time in months I have hope you will be ours.  I knew 2 years ago our path was going to be different and God had a special plan for us.  Your Dad and I have never taken the easy way out and I guess that goes for creating you as well! 

We have dreamed about your 10 fingers and toes, your sweet lips and nose. Envisioned our future with you and cannot imagine a life without!  Our adventures with you have only begun.  February 2019 marks the start of our IVF path and let me tell you baby… we are ready! SO far we have met the coordinator, undergone further testing and talked to the doctor. Now we wait for the green light to start Birth Control end of this month. 

We will keep you posted week-by-week. I promise to share the ups and downs, the successes and struggles. So many say this is a difficult road, but we know the end result will be 100% worth it, because you are worth the wait!  Please remember there is a big family full of love waiting to meet you.  Boy or Girl we will remain surprised, all we truly care about is creating a healthy you!  We are ready, so let’s make this happen!

We are so hopeful we get to meet you this year!


Your Future Mom and Dad