When traveling it can be easy to blow your current diet and exercise program. At the same time you want to have fun and not stress about fitness the entire trip! It’s possible to have balance, remain mindful, but enjoy your vacation guilt-free!! I have provided some tips and tricks to utilize before, during and after your vacation that won’t derail all your hard work

During those long travel days try and stick with your nutrition goals. No need to waste all your splurging on airport food! I always prep a few healthy meals that can travel easy and won’t offend other passengers on the plane (no tuna fish lol). This trip I ordered my FitChoice Foods to take while I traveled. I recommend keeping a lower macro numbers for the day while sitting in the car or plane. This also helps prevent some of the typical travel swelling or bloat. Also keep quick snacks handy for any unexpected delays. Drink plenty of water while traveling as well. Helps eliminate hunger and keeps the a overall swelling down.

During your vacation?! #TheTrickyPart

During vacation you shouldn’t stress about food, but rather be mindful of what you order. Go out and eat, but don’t make it a free-for-all. Most vacations involve some sort of activity, like walking, but if not try to hit the gym or do a circuit workout in your hotel.( Its easy to pack some resistance bands for in-room workouts). When ordering food try to sub in 1 healthier option each time you eat out. Maybe cut the carbs at one meal or hold the dressing the next. It’s easy to eat out and still make it healthy. My rule of thumb is to keep most meals primarily healthy, but allow one untracked splurge meal a day.

Suggestions When Ordering for Lower-Carb:

Ask for a Salad/Steamed veggies instead of Fries
– Order your sandwhich or burger and only eat half the bun
– When ordering sushi stick with sashimi to eliminate the rice and order a salad/edamame

Suggestion when ordering for Lower-Fat:

– Hold the dressing on your salad and ask for it on the side
– Eliminate the cheese or creamy sauce on your entree

Another recommendation is to not let yourself get too hungry… This will many times lead to over ordering and over indulging at restaurants. Bring some healthy snacks that can go in your purse or backpack to hold you over in between meals.

Snacks I like to bring:
Protein bar (Quest, G2G, ON Cake Bites)
Protein powder
Tuna packets
Nut packets/Almond butter
Granola bars
Trail mix
Beef Jerky

We all know how I feel about alcohol?!
So, I have made a post about alcohol…. But I didn’t mean to make this a forbidden item! We have to live a little. My rule…. I Avoid sugary drinks and am conscious of my carb intake the day I drink. Alcohol is primarily carbs, so when drinking and eating I am mindful of my consumption. I typically drink Vodka Soda with lime. 1 shot of vodka is 60cals and the soda water is zero cals. It’s one of the most macro friendly drinks if you decide to let loose! When going on vacation you plan to indulge a little, but be mindful… No stress or obsessing, just mindful.

Post Vacation Damage?

Whatever you do… Stay away from the scale upon arriving home! You will freak out!!! Think about it… You have indulged a little, consumed some alcohol, increased sodium and most likely decreased water intake. You have traveled all day (creates water bloat)… The first thing you want to do when you get home is to get back on track and not jump on the scale. Ignore the number, it’s inaccurate!! You will be holding water from all your fun and travel! Give your body a week!!!

I prep a few meals prior to leaving and freeze them. It’s hard to come home and find motivation to eat healthy, let alone make food. So, take the frozen meals out and let them defrost for the next day. Vacations aren’t meant for falling off the health/fitness train. You eat healthy and go to the gym all year so you can have fun vacations! You should not feel guilty or discouraged after a week away. All this means is you come home and get that butt back on track!


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