Balance While Traveling

I am back from Puerto Rico and had a blast. After almost a week away I admit I am excited to be back to my routine and macro plan. As much as I appreciated “Macro” freedom it still makes me nervous. I admit I had a few moments on the trip where I stressed, but my hubby reminded me that “I only live once”.

This trip was a success for me!! I typically travel with all my meals and watch everything I eat….. And alcohol, that usually never happens. Whenever I have traveled in the past I have been prepping for a show and was strictly on my plan with small little additions. This time I was able to go without any imminate plans to step on stage.

I brought 6 meals and some protein bars! I had those for a meal or two during the day. I ate breakfast and dinner out. Only had 3 meals a day in anticipation my food would be more calorie dense ;)… (Nice change up from the typical 5-6)
I indulged, but still ate in moderation. I did not binge, but rather found a balance. I no longer feel a need to binge or over indulge. I do not have a ravenous appetite to eat everything in sight. I still get cravings, but macros have allowed for me to eat a wide variety of food. Trips used to be so stressful for me, but this trip was finally balanced. I had my moments, but I realistically know I work hard and a body can’t be broken in a few days of intuitive eating.

Macros and flexible-dieting have been a great addition into my life! I am able to travel, eat and have balance. I hit the gym while on my trip to help burn some of those extra goodies, but also because it’s a basic part of my lifestyle and it’s enjoyable.

Puerto Rico was amazing- georgous weather, beautiful beaches and AMAZING food. I can say that I did not have a bad meal while I was there. We indulged in local foods such as Mallorca (Sweet bread with egg, ham and cheese), Mofongo (Plantains with pork) and not to mention the coffee! It was all so fresh! Nothing was overly seasoned or greasy… you could tell the food was made to order!

We spent our days laying on the beach or exploring the Island. The trip was exactly what I needed! A perfect getaway! I was lucky enough to travel with my hubby and good friends! Life is about balance.. We sometimes get so caught-up in work or our own worlds that we forget to stop and enjoy life! We all need to remember to embrace our friends and family. To enjoy the little moments and just let loose!

This is something I have to remember!