The Start to a Perfect Staycation

Do you ever need to just get away with your girls? Do you crave a weekend full of good food, wine, and company? With a busy career and personal life, I sometimes find myself feeling run down and in need of a reset. A few weeks ago, I called my two favorite ladies and set a date for a little staycation. I told my Mom to save the date and called my sister to book a flight; we were going to have some girl time. Living in Arizona we have so many amazing resorts to choose from. Not to mention it is an amazing vacation destination especially in the fall. Before I even started planning this fun weekend I already knew where we had to stay.

There is a special place in my heart for the enchanting, charming, and historic Wigwam because this is where my husband and I tied the knot 9 years ago. To add to it, my sister and her husband were married there as well 15 years ago. Booking a weekend at The Wigwam brings back such fond memories and the ambience never disappoints, so the decision to stay there was a no-brainer. Come along as I share our weekend away at The Wigwam resort.


The Arrival

We arrived at the hotel late Saturday morning. We were warmly greeted by the front desk and whisked away to our room via our chariot (The Golf Cart). Our room was perfectly placed on the second floor overlooking the Oasis pool. My favorite part of any hotel stay is the initial entrance into the room. Our room did not disappoint; it was large yet, welcoming and comfortable. I love the Southwest charm and feel of the decor. From the cozy bed to the spacious balcony, we could not wait to settle in. The room, the views, and the company were the perfect combination for a great weekend. We spent our Saturday by the pool sipping refreshing cocktails while catching up and reminiscing about our past weddings.In the evening, we were surprised with treats in the room. We enjoyed some wine and snacked while getting ready for dinner.

Dinner Date

I love when hotels have on-site restaurants which come highly recommended. We heard from friends that Litchfield’s was the perfect place to dine. I am sure we can all agree that is was a great experience. Everyone enjoyed the live piano music while we sipped and chatted. (I must admit my favorite cocktail from the weekend was a Grapefruit Basil Vodka. I may have had a few extras). We could not get over the warm bread and herbed butter that was served at the start of our meal.  It was one of those items you could keep eating without realizing you were on a 5th loaf.




The Dining Experience

Our dining experience was nice and relaxing. No one rushed us as we lingered over our charcuterie board. My dinner was the fresh fish and spiralized veggies and I didn’t leave a morsel behind. I was sure to try everyone else’s food (I love my food) and was impressed. When I eat out, you all know I like to incorporate health and flavor. Litchfield’s will definitely be on my list of repeats.

Now let’s talk dessert… After all it is the most important part of the meal! The chocolate torte with hazelnut crust was amazing and nothing screams fall like a yummy warm apple crisp. We of course shared, so no one missed out on a sweet bite. As you can tell we are big foodies and highly look forward to amazing restaurants like this. The night was a success and we all went back to our room for girl talk.

Good Morning

We began our next day enjoying Starbucks coffee in bed. After lounging, we headed over to the gym for a quick morning sweat session. I love waking up and starting my day with a workout. It’s a routine I love to continue even during times of travel. The Wigwam offers an amazing gym to accommodate the needs of any gym-goer. After working out, we headed over to The Bar for a quick and casual breakfast.

The food was once again fantastic and perfectly light yet, satisfying. We all had the same idea and ordered the Avocado Egg Bake. This will be a recipe I try to replicate at home!  Let me tell you, the warm avocado, poached egg, sriracha and bacon were spot on with texture and flavor. After breakfast, we spent another day at the pool under the warm Arizona sun and cooling fall weather. As the weekend ended it was bittersweet. Our time together was full of memories that won’t soon be forgotten. The resort, the historic charm, awesome food, and my girls made for an much needed weekend getaway.